#244 - Het GuidoFox-Social-DayLove-Model: HET Gespreksmodel voor het Versieren van Vrouwen overdag!

Hai GuidoFox hier! Gaaf dat je dit artikel leest!

Dit Gespreksmodel heeft mij in de afgelopen 8 jaar enorm veel succes opgeleverd in het Versieren van Vrouwen overdag!

Het GuidoFox-Social-DayLove-Model (+- 1 á 2 minuten gesprekstijd):

1. Pre-Opener – Attention Seeker

A) ‘Hi! Sorry – Excuse me!’

2. Opener – (short after pre-opener)

B) ‘What an amazing vibe/energy you have!’ - (personality compliment)

3. Qualifying Specific Statements (why you specific like her – personality link-building)

C) ‘You probably are doing something in the fashion-industry with these kinds of clothes who are fitting you extremely well. It says also something about your personality right’

* 1/2/3 is first conversation peak

4. Statements – to ‘Let-her-Invest’ in the Conversation (and in you) + You are the Selector (what type are you searching for?)

D) ‘You probably do a lot of sports with this kind of wonderful body’  (find out if she is sportive and have the right mentality)


E) ‘You seems also a very intellectual/smart woman: are you doing psychology or economics or you do you have your own business!’ – (find out if she is dedicated in life and if you are able to have a nice date/chat with her)

* 4 is relaxing calibrated verbally state

5. Bringing some more Fun/Positiveness into the Game and Go a Little Deeper (not to deep!)

F) ‘That is amazing! - Tell me more!’


G) ‘Wonderful that you are here!’ (hug)


H) ‘You probably have an amazing time here! - What did you do!'

6. Close – at the second conversation peak (create at 5) 

I) Go for Instant-Date or Number-Close (sometimes try instant-date and then fall back on a number – situational)


GuidoFox – Evolve your Life!

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