GuidoFox offers the following Coaching Programs to Evolve and Upgrade your Emotions, Understandings & Skills of Life. The Coaching Programs starts with a price of 1800E for 6 sessions. The Intake + Consult of +-75 minutes (300 euro) will be a discount on your Package.

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Enlightenment & Ecstatic Chakra-Activations

Together we will work to raise-up your consciousness levels, understandings of your destructive mental blockades & dissolve them and we go deeper into the spiritual energy-transmissions to opening-up your seven blissful inner centers. 

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Philosophical Coaching & Deeper Life Wisdoms

We will discover the deeper layers of your life: the directions, the reasons of 'why' things happened and try to get a better understanding - with the wisdoms of the philosophers at the background - of your daily practice challenges.

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Leadership Development & Business Visionary

We will unlock your leadership-potential and create an atmosphere for growth & insights - for your management qualities & business vision. 

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Career, Purpose & Psychological Support (High Giftedness Specialist)

Your career is one of the most important aspects in your life - income & time-wise. We will work together towards a healthy balanced career-path where you come at ease & feel comfortable. 

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Relationships (Borderline Specialist)

You are able to drastically improve your skills in relationships to level-up the well-being of your important life. We will go deeper into the understandings of the relationship-dynamics of your past & current relationships and get your love-dynamic at a higher level of peace, compassion for eachother and flowing. Besides, we are working on your social personal development skills.   

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Social DayLove, Intimacy & Social Dynamics (Dating Specialist)

Together we will optimize your social skills to meet women during the day. You get more insights - not only in your own social skills -, but also in the dynamic man-to-woman. After the sessions you are able to create an abundance dating life with fitting women in your close surroundings. 

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Together we will create a body you deserve. We manage a healthy way of life - in nutrition, training-schedules & fat-loss plans. 

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Zoom/Whatsapp Coaching

GuidoFox offers Zoom, Whatsapp & Call-options for 1-1 Coaching. You are able to contact him wherever you are in this world.

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Life Coaching Academy

To become a Life Coach is not easy: per example, which kind of questions I have to ask? Or which questions I have not to ask? We will work together to make from you a high quality Life Coach. 

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