GuidoFox PhD

Guido Gabriël Vos (1988) / mr.dr.drs. G.G. Vos is the owner of GuidoFox - Evolve your Life! 

After finishing high school (Atheneum Delft 2007), with specialization Management & Organization, he graduated in General Economics & Business Economics (2011), Fiscal Law & Tax Economics (2011) and General Dutch Law (2011) at Erasmus University Rotterdam (bachelor's degrees). He specialized himself further in the masters Fiscal Economics (2012) and Criminal Law (2013). 

After his student life, he wrote his PhD-thesis (2015) about Private Corruption in the area of Criminal Law. He worked in that period by a small law firm, specialized in the field of Tax Fraud / White-Collar Crime. After this adventure, he worked 2 years by one of the big international tax firms.

The first touching's with the fields of Coaching, Motivation & Personal Development started in the gym-industry: he finished Fitnesstrainer A & B (2009) and NASM-CPT (International USA PT-certification 2018). In 2017 he graduated in the areas of Professional 1-1 Coaching and Relationship Psychology.

In 2018 he followed 40 lectures of Philosophy at The School of Life in Amsterdam. He acquainted with the most important thinkers of Western & Eastern Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. Afterwards, he took lessons at Shambhala Meditation Center and courses in Eastern Wisdoms and Stoicism.

Guido is from his youth into meditation & connected with the higher sense of life. The last years he read 252 books (approximately 125.000 pages) in the field of Spiritual Personal Development, including the works of David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D, Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Thich Nath Hanh, Ramana Maharshi and Edwards.

Guido feels his warm 7 inner chakras, opened slightly with years of years of meditation & contemplation experiences. These chakras are the deepest form of intuition, healing forces, inner blissful feelings and reality dimension changes.  

Guido is available for bookings as a High-End Spiritual Life Coach for Deeper Personal Change. 

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Work Experiences
2017 - currentOwner GuidoFox PhD - Evolve your Life! 
315 Blogs - Approximately 200.000 words 
252 Books - Approximately 125.000 pages
2015 - 2017KPMG Meijburg & CO
2014 - 2015Hertoghs Advocaten
2013 - 2015PhD Candidate (Erasmus School of Law) / PhD-thesis: ''De strijd der plichten''
2014Boekel - Advocaten en Notarissen
2011PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
2019 - current

Schooled/Aflamed by Osho/122 Book Reports - Approximately 55.000 pages

2022Cursus Stoïcijns Denken & Doen, Amsterdam 
2021Cursus Oosterse Wijsheid, Naarden Vesting
2018 - 2019Fundamentele Goedheid serie, Shambhala Meditation Center
2018 - 2019Jaaropleiding: Grote Denkers, The School of Life (Philosophy)
2017 - 2018                            NASM-CPT (International USA Personal Trainer Certification)
2017Relatiepsychologie, HBO Hogeschool NTI
2017Professioneel Coaching (1-1), HBO Hogeschool NTI
2013 - 2015PhD Candidate (Erasmus School of Law) / PhD-thesis: ''De strijd der plichten''
2012 - 2013Master Rechtsgeleerdheid, Variant Strafrecht, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2011 - 2012Master Fiscale Economie, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2009 - 2010Fitnesstrainer B, Aerfit Opleidingen, erkend door OVDB/Calibris
2009 - 2010Fitnesstrainer A, Aerfit Opleidingen, erkend door OVDB/Calibris
2007 - 2011Bachelor Rechtsgeleerdheid, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2007 - 2011Bachelor Economie & Bedrijfseconomie, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2007 - 2011Bachelor Fiscale Economie, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2001 - 2007Atheneum, Christelijk Lyceum Delft (specialisatie Management & Organisatie)

Coaching Programs 1-1

GuidoFox offers the following Coaching Programs to Evolve and Upgrade your Emotions, Understandings & Skills of Life. The Coaching Programs starts with a price of 1800E for 6 sessions. The Intake + Consult of +-75 minutes (300 euro) will be a discount on your Package.

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Enlightenment & Ecstatic Chakra-Activations

Together we will work to raise-up your consciousness levels, understandings of your destructive mental blockades & dissolve them and we go deeper into the spiritual energy-transmissions to opening-up your seven blissful inner centers. 

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Philosophical Coaching & Deeper Life Wisdoms

We will discover the deeper layers of your life: the directions, the reasons of 'why' things happened and try to get a better understanding - with the wisdoms of the philosophers at the background - of your daily practice challenges.

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Leadership Development & Business Visionary

We will unlock your leadership-potential and create an atmosphere for growth & insights - for your management qualities & business vision. 

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Career, Purpose & Psychological Support (High Giftedness Specialist)

Your career is one of the most important aspects in your life - income & time-wise. We will work together towards a healthy balanced career-path where you come at ease & feel comfortable. 

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Relationships (Borderline Specialist)

You are able to drastically improve your skills in relationships to level-up the well-being of your important life. We will go deeper into the understandings of the relationship-dynamics of your past & current relationships and get your love-dynamic at a higher level of peace, compassion for eachother and flowing. Besides, we are working on your social personal development skills.   

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Social DayLove, Intimacy & Social Dynamics (Dating Specialist)

Together we will optimize your social skills to meet women during the day. You get more insights - not only in your own social skills -, but also in the dynamic man-to-woman. After the sessions you are able to create an abundance dating life with fitting women in your close surroundings. 

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Together we will create a body you deserve. We manage a healthy way of life - in nutrition, training-schedules & fat-loss plans. 

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Zoom/Whatsapp Coaching

GuidoFox offers Zoom, Whatsapp & Call-options for 1-1 Coaching. You are able to contact him wherever you are in this world.

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Life Coaching Academy

To become a Life Coach is not easy: per example, which kind of questions I have to ask? Or which questions I have not to ask? We will work together to make from you a high quality Life Coach. 

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