#316 - Red Flags in Game! (English)

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In the world of Dating & Social Day- and NightLove an Advanced Guy is coming at a certain moment to the phase of ‘abundance’: the situation – different than a Matrix Guy – of the high and regular chances of intimacy & meetings with high value women (escaping the sexual prison of the Matrix).

The person is now able to select carefully for emotional attachments and/or give a woman a short period of time to check if there is a match for intimacy (short & some longer). The trade-off is time, because you know – as an Advanced Guy – that the next week new women could be arriving in his life. The opportunity costs of staying by the same woman means a loss of investing the time in new better fitting opportunities. These costs will be extreme higher than the situation of scarcity of the Matrix Guy. These analyzes leads to the following topic: red flags for selecting emotional wise (attachments).

In the situation that a woman could be possible a relationship-target (not short & some longer mating / other (lower intense) criteria), we have to find out in a few dates (with intimacy) if she is fitting for the long-term.

The disadvantages of ignoring the red flags will be: loosing time (other opportunities), energy in the moment (emotional) and recovering time (of the emotional energy). 

In a lot of cases red flags will be ignored, because of the love-makes-blind-principle – whereby later the difficulties arising of ending the toxic relationship when the eyes becomes more clear and the energy leakages too high, but you created already so much attachment in the form of time and emotional energy to give it up and the struggles continues. Recognizing red flags will be favorable to tackle this situation in advance.

Red Flags (in the early stage):

A) Signs of Jealousy: ‘I could be very jealous’

B) Signs of Controlling Behavior (Social Media partner)

C) Signs of Manipulation & Emptiness (behavior and/or eyes)

D) Signs of Showing-off Mentality: ‘I am a little bit famous’

E) Signs of Money Issues: Debt and/or Heavily Spendings (not able to take care for him- or herself)

F) Signs of Clinging Behavior (insecurity signal)

G) Signs of Addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Nervous Behavior Patterns)

H) Signs of Attention Seeking Behavior (Instagram)

I) Signs of Negative Attention Seeking Behavior towards the Partner

J) Signs of Reckless Car Driving Skills (Borderline Symptom)

K) Signs of Sex Addiction (intense, more, variation, urges to do crazy things)

L) Signs of Low Self-Esteem

M) Signs of Gossiping Talks

N) Signs of Trying to Make you Insecure (at hers or hims level)

O) Signs of Poor Social Friendships (not able to hold long-term durable friendships)

P) Signs of Impulsiveness

If you recognize some of these signals, it will be reconsiderable the early stage of the relationship/attachment to avoid later difficulties and life time emotional wounds.


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