#268 - Advanced DayGame: Direct vs. Indirect Approaching + Quick Mood-Scan + Social Awareness (English)

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It is one of the most difficult choices you have to make as a man: shall I approach her (spontaneously) direct – when I see her for the first time – or shall I wait a few seconds/minutes to open the set.

I prefer – as the general opinion – direct, because of the spontaneous impact and the close-to-the-nature-heart feelings: the caveman wants her immediately.


In several cases an indirect approach will be much more successful (the reference of a beginner is too less to adopt/react)

A) The woman is encircled by a lot of guys (groupset) or guys are watching her or have the chance to do that (the set): in this case it is better to wait when the so-called pressure-points are away, to give her the chance to escape out of the pressure-matrix-of-society – she will be more free there

B) The woman is in the store with security around: better to wait when she is outside the shop or the security is away

C) The woman is waiting in a line: better to wait when she is out of the line (pressure-points)

D) The woman is taking pictures with a girlfriend by the canals for her Instagram: better to wait when this situation is over

E) The woman is moody and has stress, because she couldn’t find the way: wait a little bit when she is on the direction (don’t open situational here to help her, right – not the mediocre start frame you wanna have)

You have to take into consideration that a direct approach could be seen by her, in these before mentioned situations, as social inappropriate – and therefore she will be not interested in you anymore (failed the test).

Very Advanced DayGame: wait when the mood-change kicks in by the first woman (and hold an eye on her) and approach direct – in between – a better woman and then arrange a phone-number and go back to the first woman ;)

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