#275 - What we can learn from bad shopping store sales skills – Leadership, Business & Dating Advice! (English)

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‘Hi – Can I help you with something?’

In nearly every clothing store I come in – I get immediately a sales person towards me to try to sale me something.

And I turn-off of it and I want to leave the store as soon as possible.

Maybe you recognize this?

Mostly I answer standardly: ‘I just wanna look around’

If we transfer this social behaviour into the dating skills: it’s a needy (standard) approach in a small social dynamic.

If you wanna get the client – you smile, say Hi & leave him or her alone.

The first contact  at this way is maked (I know anti-stealing trick) and it’s a non-needy approach.

A second thing you can incorporate in your sales-approach is a so called push-pull strategy: ‘Hi – nice to meet you – if you wanna have some support/advice I am in the corner over there - that you know’

This is a brilliant strategy to come emotional close to the client and leaves him or her direct with a very big space alone to give the chance to react on an easy going way back.

Of course, if you see that the client is struggling with the size or walks to the changing rooms – you are able to shoot in and support/help the client. This moment is an open window-mechanism to increase your sales opportunities.

If we transfer this knowledge into the small social dating skills: like bars, clubs, clothing stores, schools, universities – it’s the indirect low key approach that works here.

How more low-density the environment is and a higher pressure – how more an indirect approach will work out to avoid the pressure of the surroundings/group!

So pressure-off here and let them tasted first ;)


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