#277 - From Chubby to Lean in 8 Weeks! (English)

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First of all, I am blessed with my body in which state it is.

My confidence is such on a high level that I can completely satisfied with a so called Chubby Body.

I think that is the first stage to change, because you have to know your motivation to change for a long long time.

What is your motivation to loose fat and create a healthy body? Is that only outside related – external ego-validation – or you do it for yourself (and some respect for your close relatives)?

That is the first question you have to ask yourself, otherwise your change/diet program doesn’t work out for you for a longer sustainable time.

I like to be lean (not too lean), because I can easily walk on the street, I can move lightly when I do the groceries & I will be not sweaty whole the time in the summer with the heavily breathing scene.

The other issue is more outside related and that is the respect for my close intimacy relationships and that is associated with respect and not with external ego-validation.

Food & Calories

In these 8 weeks I nearly skip all my carbs (rice, bread, pasta, etc.) and hold the ‘carb-space’ for the vitamin and short-term energy: fruit (banana, orange, kiwi, apple). I think it is responsible to take some carbs for the vitamin (next your supplements C, D, Multi) – to avoid sickness in these low-calorie period.

I use a steaming-machine home (so no high-calorie butter) to make my food (in 20 minutes) and I ate mostly beef, white fish or chicken (low calories/high protein) with broccoli or green beans (green vegetables are good), 5 (whole) eggs with fruit as breakfast and 2 quarks with a spoon protein powder (high protein 120 gram/muscle protection) as snacks. Further, I drank a bunch of water/tea during the day.

I ate 2300 calories per day (+- 700 calories shortage) with no so called reefed days and I counted it with a paper at my desk (highly recommended)


I kept my daily trainings short & intense (20 minutes/3 á 4 exercises) to avoid muscle power, density & mass declining (close to a nature fight) and did a lot of leg-trainings (legs are abs) and lifting (deadlifts/half-deadlifts, stiff-leg grounds, etc.) too stimulate testosterone and after-training-fat-loosing.

I use a stopwatch for my 60 seconds rest between my 4 sets/12 reps (highly recommended to avoid time-loose)

If you want to work with me in a 6 or 12 weeks health/fat loss program (mentally & advice), you are able to Whatsapp me for more detailed information!

National Academy of Sports Medicine - International Certified Personal Trainer

P.S. I know that every body reacts different on training & food-schedules, but I think this line is overall working out on the most bodies.  


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