#279 - The Toxic Organization: How to Survive? (English)

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It’s nowadays a hot topic: the toxic organization

I read last time in the news that even in the happiest place in the world – Walt Disney World – there was a toxic atmosphere.

- ‘You can’t talk openly about your job’

- ‘Gossiping about outside lookings’

- ‘Physically and mentally exhausting’

- ‘Creating eating disorders’

- ‘No sunlight’

If you are living in the matrix, you have to deal probably with colleagues – and people (colleagues) are operating mostly at a Spiritual Consciousness Level between 20-199 (from 1000). So, where people are – is drama and – where organizations exist – there are people together. The mind is still at an average age of 14.

20 – 199 Victim/Abuser Consciousness – The Realm of the Lower Self (Ego)

20 – 29 Shame, Humiliation, Elimination (Life: Miserable, Despising)

30 – 49 Guilt, Blame, Destruction (Life: Evil, Vindictive)

50 – 74 Apathy, Despair, Abdication (Life: Hopeless, Condemning)

75 – 99 Grief, Regret, Despodency (Life: Tragic, Disdainful)

100 – 124 Fear, Anxiety, Withdrawal (Life: Frightening, Punitive)

125 – 149 Desire, Craving, Enslavement (Life: Disappointing, Denying)

150 – 174 Anger, Hate, Aggression (Life: Antagonistic, Vengeful)

175 – 199 Pride, Scorn, Inflation (Life: Demanding, Indifferent)

The toxic problems within organizations are mostly related to the following 3 topics:

A) Friendly-Favoritism

You have to be over-social and over-nice to your colleagues to get some work. You have to play the so called ‘conform-game’: going with the opinion of the group to stay in touched with them, in spite of the quality & the best solutions for the company and/or not to be honest & open about the performance of your colleagues. A side-effect of these behavior-patterns is that real problems within the organization are staying unspoken and untouched.

B) Sexual Tensions

The most people are not capable or social enough or are too lazy to meet people outside their social circles (Online Dating, NightGame or DayGame) and their only fulfilling intimacy needs will be possible within the circle of colleagues. Of course, then sexual tensions will arise. It will be even more problematic if more people of the group getting in relationships with each other and feedback-mechanisms will be disturbed and/or jealousy problems within the group will rising-up and hinders the functioning of the group (and company).

C) Gossiping

Gossiping is one of the most devastating toxic elements in organizations, because it will create a so called 'false-group-bonding-processing-for-them-who-are-gossiping-about-the-other(s)’. This process is false, because affraidness ‘to-be-the-following-person-who-are-be-gossiped’ flows toxic-wise into the group. This will create a negative spiral for company results and positive group-bonding-effects.

If have a very pessimistic view about the personal development levels of people (nearly no one goes really into personal development for a long long time). So, if you really want to grow and pass by the childish behavior of the mass/crowd – the only way is to escape and start for yourself or with people who you really love and trust and are at the same spiritual level as yours.

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