#274 - The Matrix and Conservativism/Reactionary! (English)

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If you look at the lives of the most religious persons ever existed on earth (spiritual calibration levels / the field) – Buddha, Jesus and Osho – you will recognize a trend.

Buddha was escaping the palace (society conditionings) – his family (society conditionings) – to avoid being the next ruler (of society).

Jesus was escaping his family at the age of fourteen and was traveling around many countries visiting mystic schools (e.g. Egypt).

Osho was escaping his family, traveled around and taught people at many locations in the world.

And these persons were such at a high level of ecstaticness, of inner happiness, peacefulness and deeper layers of wisdoms: the examples for society.

Conservativism/Reactionary is all about tradition – nostalgic feelings towards the past - and the so called stable (small) groups (family, church, school, village and (political) community) – as ‘solid & grounded’ hangers of society.

You see the contradiction?

The people of higher levels were escaping the matrix of Conservativism/Reactionary.

A few contemplations

Are we are not able to learn more about life if we are more free & flexible in career, relationships and learning points (family, church, school, community)?

Is evolution of humankind not first Enlightenment (Maslow-Pyramid) & then children (high quality of raising-up children – trade-off young seeds): the contraception-methods (anti-reactionary) are in line with evolution (I am very pessimistic about the raising-up qualities of the most parents (family)/school teachers)

Are we able to find a healthy (spiritual) in-out-dynamics-balance between small groups (family, (emotional) relationships, church & community) and freedom (more modernism) – to avoid the ‘stagnant-(turby/stingy)-water-principle’ – with a flat-learning-curve?

Enough to think about!


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