#282 - She Is Always Testing You – Relationship Coaching (English)

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A woman, your girlfriend, your partner will always testing you – not only at the beginning-stage of your relationship.

The most men are thinking: The Holy Grail is in the box and it’s all fine now – they become lazy

And then the complaining of her starts: What is going on here!

And under her complains are mostly irritations about your functioning as a man and she will be testing you even harder.

The tests of her could be very subtle and not easy to recognize.

The ultimate reasons for her testings are:

- Are you still (emotional) dedicated into the relationship?

- Are you strong enough to put boundaries for yourself and her (she asked you to do too much favors for her)?

- Are you strong enough to protect her and give on her? (healthy lifestyle)

- Are you (still) capable for raising-up her/(your) (future) children?

- Are you able to stay stable in difficult situations?

- Are you following your passion in your life? (career - dedicated to income)

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