#285 - Improve your Relationship! – Stay Outside the Matrix! – Relationship Coaching (English)

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In the beginning we were going to restaurants, dinners, movies (cinemas), coffee-bars, musea, galleries, busy beaches, friends parties and BBQ’s

We were part of the crowd; part of the matrix

We recognized that how more we were together in the nature and created cozy home places – our highly consciousness areas – how more we were growing towards each other and created long-term lovable spaces for deep intimacy interactions.

It seems that searching for highly calibrated areas is stimulating the depth and the energetic depth of a spiritual relationship. How more you are confronted with the lower fields of consciousness of human kind – how more it affects the relationship between you.

We both see immediately the negative behavior patterns of the mediocre society and their people. It affects us as sensitive persons and we have to protect our energy-fields against the underlying energy dragging’s.

It definitely not means an isolating lifestyle, but a lifestyle that you ‘receptiveness smart’ deal with the energetic choices you make and move from there towards spiritual growth


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