#286 - ‘Lower Your Standards’ – Dating Coaching (English)

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We are programmed by the matrix to always look to the highest: the most beautiful woman, the most expensive car, the most paid job, etc. It affects our way of dating with people and therefore also the results.

In the matrix you are subtle programmed that you will look by dating new women to the quality of your ex or exes: Is she in line with your past expectations or she is even higher in quality.

I can say as a dating coach: it disturbs your progress.

Your EGO is clinging to the past and your EGO is putting you – with this behavior – at a certain fixed line: you are worth something?

Your EGO will be hurt if you have intimacy with someone ‘below your level’; your matrix-friends will be smiling at you?

I my experience is having intimacy with positive & open people on your path the most important and then the results will come.

I remembered one week that I had intimacy with a quite heavy woman and the week thereafter I had intimacy with one of the most gorgeous woman I ever saw (body balanced, skin, face, intelligent, easily soft moving: alfa-female behavior patterns).

The lesson: enjoy the 6 and go with the 9!


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