#291 - Short or Long Approaches in Social DayLove / DayGame? – Dating Coaching (English)

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In Social DayLove / DayGame there is a trade-off and a balancing issue about the duration of the first approach: if you talk for a longer time with the woman – at the position where you met here – (5-15 minutes) – before you go for a number or an instant-date – you built up some more comfort then in the situation when you hold the conversation lower than 5 minutes. The paradigm to have longer conversations is that more comfort leads to a higher chance of following-ups in the form of numbers & dates and/or instant-dates.

In my experience works the conversations lower than 5 minutes better than the longer conversations.

The main reason why short-term interactions leads to more following-ups is that the woman will be interpreted the long time conversation as a semi-date where intimacy and touching’s didn’t take place. This is very important otherwise your game will be not improving at the way you want. In her subconciousness she will put you already in a more beta-role and so a less attractive guy – in despite of the comfort-built here.

Thereby is her curiosity (cliffhanger effect) about you less in case to meet with you again if the first conversation is for a longer time (and there is a higher chance to not meet up with you again).

A third reason: an alpha man is always busy & quick decisive. This attitude is in contradiction with the longer first approach (e.g. go for a fast instant-date).

The fourth argument: at that place intimacy can never happen – so, you will move (quick) further towards a number or an instant-date.

The fifth: I think your attraction is already decided in the first couple of seconds/minutes and comfort is a later thing to discover from both sides. Even the attraction would be going down if the talk takes too long time because of the earlier mentioned arguments (alphaness).


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