#292 - Dating High Value Women – Society Influence + EGO-Image + Openness! (English)

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In my 8 years’ experience with dating women I saw literary everything: dating high value women / dating low value women / dating middle value women

In this article I would like to go deeper into dating high value women and their boundaries.

If you have built up the skills of Social DayLove / DayGame (I coach only advanced guys), you are able to date much more easily with high value women (outside & inside) then the guys of the matrix (Tinder and/or Social Circle dependency).

First of all, it is a nice experience – especially if you come from a position of scarcity in your dating life – to date with incredible beautiful women: enjoy it!

The second thing: you are able to improve your dating skills – with more difficult tests – and prepare on this way yourself for a relationship with your future 9/10.

In my experience are high value women overall not easy to open up and we have to put them therefore into the (disadvantage starting) relationship-frame. There are several arguments for her closeness.

In her world everyone looks at her and she feels probably all the hungry desires/eyes from men on every corner of the street (not easy to deal with from her side).

So, in a psychological sense of way – she will decline sexual intimacy with you within the alpha-time-frame (an hour/1.5 hour), because the matrix pressure surroundings put her on a highly (ego) level: a level of not giving herself so easily away (with the trade-off that she probably doesn’t enjoy her single intimacy life enough).

It is a strange psychological mechanism: but how easy you are able to get attention/sexual intimacy as a high value woman – how more you will deny it (because it is too easy to get & they will become hyper (too) selective for intimacy).

This phenomenon is typically processing by high value women that in the main cases (exemptions apart), high value women are not letting go herself within the alpha-frame of short sexual intimacy with a stranger (and chances of love bonding will decline  / other discussion).

This brings us by ‘investments choices’: what is chance that she opens up (how many dates/time) and starts a relationship with you (and not via her (tight) inner circle (and you can break in)) and what do you miss in terms of sexual variation (that leads towards more attraction) – (and with that bunch of sexual variation you will be more attractive for that high value woman for relationship purposes).

In other words, do I have to give my emotional investment (now) or I choose to have sexual intimacy with lower & middle value women to get the 9/10’s (later).

Besides of that: keep in mind that the matrix also put you into the glossy magazine world of placing beautiful women on a pedestal and that you have to go always for the highest (society trap)

These kinds of questions are relevant for your (long-term) success with women.


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