#304 - 10 Signs of Female Narcissism! (English)

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We always talk about males’ narcissism – and that’s a real big (ego)-thing –, but now it is also time to reflect – in this heavy Instagram-world – the narcissistic (self-destructive) patterns of female behavior!

The Top 10 Signs:

1. She always needs attention and validation (must be admired/Instagram)

2. She doesn’t care about others people’s feelings (lack of empathy)

3. She uses charm & quilt to get what she wants (positions/relationships/social status/money-manipulative)


‘If you loved me, you would do this for me’ (creating quilt)

‘You're so lucky to have me’ (creating dependency)

4. She thinks she is super special and deserves everything (entitled/self-superiority)

5. She can’t keep friends or relationships for the long-term, because she is so self-centered (lack of empathy again + dramatic emotional behavior patterns)

6. She gets incredible jealous if other people have success (competitive (even with her own daughter)/divide & conquer (office))

7. She takes advantage of people (power/money)

8. She acts if she is the best in everything (arrogant)

9. She gets really defensive when someone criticizes her (insecurity)

10. She never admits when she’s wrong and she is always blaming other people (bullying)


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