#269 - Advanced DayGame: Walk with her or Go for a Phone-number? (English)

The standard situation in DayGame is a choice between taking the number of a woman or take her direct on a date, a so-called instant-date (if she agrees).

I would like to talk with you about the specific situation a woman asks you to walk with as she is not able to go with you on an instant-date and you didn’t ask for her phone-number before her suggestion.

My first opinion about this case is that the flourishing of her female energy will thrive if she is going into your (male)-frame: an instant-date or a phone-number. In this situation – if you agree with her suggestion – you will be pooled by the start in the female zone of energy what could be have a negative outcome in the male-female polarity/attraction. Thus, the better solution – if she suggest to walk with – to let her give her phone-number behind. At this way, you will break her frame and you are able to manage a date with her later.

A positive side-effect of this approach:

A) You are able to hold your energy for other women and approaches (some value holding)

B) You will test her out with texting (if she text back) if she was not taking you ‘friendly’ with (what happens a lot): ‘oohhh yeah sure you can walk with me’

C) You break her frame and that can be seen in her sub-consciousness as strong male behaviour

So normally I never walk with a woman if she is doing this suggestion: or I go for an instant-date (to walk to my home) or a phone-number (and lead her to my home or date-location later).

In one special case you are allowed (I think) to walk with her if she is doing the suggestion before or after you asked her for a phone-number or an instant-date.

If she – mostly a high value woman in this case – wants to test you out in that time-period (she takes it seriously already – I am able to feel it directly): dive into the test and with this behaviour you are able to avoid also a flaky number.

In this specific situation you step into her test(s) and you show the male-power to let you test yourself by her. She gives at this way an open-window to you to walk with her and if you are not diving in her frame (she knows that you are just walking around and have some minutes free) – you failed already her open-window-test-mechanism and the chance of following-up – after she gave probably her phone-number away – is quite low.

The advanced guy is able to turnaround the start pooled female zone of energy in a more male-female polarity frame through his voice intonation, touching-skills, straight eye contacts, playing with her verbally, try to pick her hands, lead her on the road, storytelling, etc.

Be water here and later you can be the rock again ;)

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