#270 - American Positiveness – The Power of Acting Always Positive (Positive Thinking): Fake or Real? (English)

Hi GuidoFox here! Wonderful that you will read this article!

I am sometimes surprised – when I analyze the social dynamics of people – about the way they act: are they real or are they in an enormous emotional overdrive? And are they hiding something?

The whole positive mindset-idea has an influence on the way how people ‘should’ act: they become like robots to be always positive – with a fake smile telling all there positive stories to each other about their amazing always positive lives.

It’s annoying.

It’s not real.

Yes - It’s always better than the negative side, but the problem here is: the masks of people.

The fake masks will hide their real problems and the toxic layers inside the body & mind will become deeper and deeper and are able to come to an enormous (depressive) explosion by the time.

It’s waiting for the inner volcano.

I should say: be real, be calm, don’t say too much, no overdrive, act the middle way, be friendly, be meditative & be witnessing.

Then the inner volcano will not exist; there is no suppression; it will be dissolved in the warm chakra ocean.


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