#271 - Jokes & Joking in & outside the Matrix! (English)

Hi GuidoFox here! Wonderful that you will read this article!

What I discovered when I moved out of the matrix of society (mediocre conditionings) and came into the world & the people of Self-Development & Social Dynamics (higher social calibration) was that the jokes in the past weren’t jokes at all.

In the so called small social circles – like the schools, the companies, the friends circles, the families and the sport clubs – the jokes that people maked were nearly all related to social hierarchy: who is were on the social ladder of power & popularity.

It’s everywhere the same.

The jokes are merely mechanisms to clit together as a group & to put people down or test them out if they can resist – and to show which position you have at the group ladder.

How higher you are in your spiritual (social) calibration:

A) How less interesting jokes become (because you are already in your blissful ‘joking’ chakra energy)

B) The jokes are from a higher level where no one suffers; they are constructive & positive


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