#278 - Retired: What to do? (English)

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You are retired after your hardworking career life and now it is time to chill-down and enjoy your life in the fullest way.

Going out with your partner to amazing nature places and expensive holidays are the first things you probably do.

And seeing your family and your children a bit more.

But then.

The well-known retirement-gap: an emotional strubbling with the meaning & sense of life and the overblowing freedom that is now coming into your life.

What to do?

And how to stay young & fit, because a lot of people becoming after their retirement in a fast time of period extremely old.

A) Meditate

Meditate for at least two hours per day to look back at your career in a healthy & reflective way to heal your (maybe) emotional wounds or evaluate the positive things you reached in your career. If you are missing this step, probably it will disturb a new way of living in a meaningful sense further.

B) Take Time for a Low-Key Doing Job

Nothing is more relaxed for the time-being and for your fulfillment to do something with your hands for the society – starting with a couple of hours per week. Just bringing some post or food to people or whatever. In this time-period you are able to reflect, stay physical active and you feel that society needs you.

C) Exercise

Exercise at a daily base (mornings) to stay fit and preferable weight-training to create strong muscles to do still the groceries and avoid the long stress-duration of cardio.

D) Talk to a Career Coach

Talk to a Career Coach to evaluate your ‘last days on earth’:

What do you want to reach still in this life?

What kind of life path you are seeing yourself to go through?

All these kinds of questions have to be discussed before your soul is rising-up and leave the earth.

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