#265 - The Most Important Wisdoms of A Limitless Sky from Osho! (English)

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'The person who has become useless to the society...that's what retirement is' (GuidoFox: stay useful/work whole your life!) 
'Very few people have been fortunate enough to grow up; the rest of humanity has only been growing old'
'When you get tired of sex, fed up with it, then the same energy that was involved in sex can be used for meditation'
'Whatever he does, he brings his fragrance to it'
'Consciousness is the master. Your body is only the house'
'Meditation is not something mental. Meditation is something concerned with your being'
'Energy is constant movement'
'Everybody is really lost. Very few people have reached their home'
'The qualities of a mature person are very strange. First, he is not a person. He is no longer a self. He has a presence, but he is not a person. Second, he is more like a child - simple and innocent'
'Maturity to me is a spiritual phenomenon'


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