#258 - The Wisdom-Quotes of Osho - India My Love! (English)

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‘The Lotus Flower has been very symbolic to the East, because the East says you should live in the world but remain untouched by it. You should remain in the world, but the world should not remain in you’
‘Within the crown of the head a child speaks – how can that be named?’
‘In the crown of the head where the thousand-petaled lotus blooms, no-mind is born. When all thoughts depart, when the ego departs, when even the feeling ‘I am’ does not remain, when the only remaining is silence, peace, emptiness – this is called samadhi’
‘The master-disciple relationship is an understanding of the heart’
‘The less civilized, the more primitive, the more alive a person is’
‘A master has to be a mother. A master has to be tremendously capable of feminine energy, so that he can shower love on you – only then can he destroy’
‘Darshan – means being in the energy field of a man who has come to know himself, to drink out of his well, to look into his eyes, to feel his hands, to listen to his silence, to his words’
‘Today, in both the East and the West, there are very few people who are really sexually contented, although sex is more open and readily available than it has ever been in the past. Still, very few people are sexually fulfilled. The reason for this is that even before the energy and strength for sex is allowed to accumulate it is already dissipated. Before the fruit ripens, the roots begin to lose their nourishing juices. The fruit is not allowed to really ripen. Fruits that are unripe cannot fall from the tree, but ripe fruits drop naturally; even the tree does not know when they have fallen. For the fruit to ripen nourishment is necessary, and for the life experiences to mature much energy is needed’
‘Religions of the past were all life-negative and masochistic, teaching that sorrow and suffering are great virtues’
‘Watching both, a depth arises in you – the third dimension, witnessing, sakshi. And that third dimension brings bliss. Bliss without any opposite to it. It is serene, tranquil, cool. It is ecstasy without any excitement’
‘The innermost core is meditation, Samadhi, and the outermost is sexuality. This is the whole life of man depicted’
‘A man like Kabir has already disappeared. He is not in the body. He is in his inner flowering. His sahasrar, his one-thousand-petaled lotus, has flowered. You are in the body only to a certain extent. The body has a certain function to fulfill; the function is that of consciousness flowering. Once the consciousness has flowered, the body is nonexistential. It does not matter whether it exists or not. It is simple irrelevant’
‘Remember one thing: all ideologies are dangerous. They divide people. You become a Hindu, you become a Mohammedan, you become a Jaina, a Christian: you are divided. All ideologies create conflict. All ideologies are violent. A real man of understanding has no ideology; then is he undivided, the he his one with the whole of humanity. Not only that, he is one with the whole of existence’
‘Very few people step out of the world of time and mind, it’s ambitions and competitiveness, and begin to live in the world of timeless’


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