#280 - Time-Value outside The Matrix - Career! (English)

Hi GuidoFox here! Wonderful that you will read this article!

Not only the time goes very fast outside The Matrix – because of the opening & ecstaticness of the seven centers – also your time & energy here on earth will be extremely valuable.

When I was shaped and manufactured by society, my time-fulfillment was mostly an anti-boredom method, a society pressure/norm and/or do what society dictates.

Now I follow my own passion: spiritual personal development.

And every hour counts.

Every hour of my time is so extremely valuable – to share my knowledge and blissfulness to the ones who deserve.

Everything I try to put out what I know & experience in this life.

The short time I have, makes you also extremely efficient – no lazy times here.

So, 3 things for you:

1) Are you following your passion in your career-life?

2) How efficient you are in your time (work & leisure)?

3) Are you critical with whom you goes and what you do in your time (it’s not an anti-boredom method)?


GuidoFox – Evolve your Life!

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