#287 – Dear People of the Matrix – Life Coaching (English)

Hi GuidoFox here!

Wonderful that you will read this article!

I analyze you already 8 years and the patterns and links of the past becomes almost clear

You are all in deep suffering without knowing it:

Mental enslavement, deep stress feelings, urges for competition, verbal fights, drunk addictions, social conform group-dynamics, suppressions of sexuality, the always chattering mind, your constantly condemning behavior, the hatred to your surroundings, the jealousies, the fights in your relationship, your false career motives, you are just doing something without passion, the difficulties in opening yourself up emotional & sexual, the enslavement of social activities, the boredom in your life, the hanging-arounds, the zero intimacy in your life, the staying-eatings - to forget your misery, the insecurities about yourself and your life choices, the showing-off mentality & the laughing aways

There is never a moment of peace to go inside – to meditate – to do it longer than the 15 minutes advice of your yoga teacher.

There is never a moment that you are evolving your 7 chakra’s inner explosions – to dissolve all your miseries


GuidoFox – Evolve your Life!

Spiritual Life Coach