#112 - De Zeven Gouden Leefregels van Brian Tracy!

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Vandaag op de planning: De Zeven Gouden Leefregels van Brian Tracy!

Brian Tracy schreef het boek ‘No Excuses – The Power of Self-Discipline’ en bevat wijze lessen voor het leven om succesvol te worden! Wat zijn de zeven geheimen van succes!

1. Start NU met ‘wat je echt wilt gaan doen in het leven’ en blijf niet hangen in de ‘Someday Isle’- modus (80 % van de mens opereert in deze stilstaande ijzige modus).

2. Investeer in Long-Term Success met ‘Delayed Gratification’ in plaats van Short-Term Success (only money focused): ‘Be a Long-Term Thinker!’


‘Everything is hard before it’s easy’

3. Work Hard for a Long, Long Time + Willingness / Willpower (to pay the price of sacrificing in the beginning)

4. Learn from the Experts + Compound Learning (reading books (sum of personal experiences writers)) + Continuous Learning Curve (‘to earn more, you have to learn more’) = Reading at least 1 hour per day and you will be expert in your field in 3 -5 years. 

5. Accepting 100 % Responsibility for Your Actions in Life and what Comes to You in Life + Not Blaming Others = Mental Adult (no victim anymore)

6. ‘Courageous Patience’ = Staying Power – Create Long Term Persistence, even if you don’t see immediate result  

7. Stay Fit and Train Every Day 30 – 40 minutes in the Morning* (top 1 or 2 percent of physically fit people in the world today)

* Oxygenated Blood after the Morning Workout into your Cerebral Cortex (better brain working mechanism for thinking, analyzing and decision making)


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