#273 - Letting Go or Not? (English)

Hi GuidoFox here! Wonderful that you will read this article!

In the Spiritual World there is nowadays a kind of hype under the name ‘Letting Go’: everyone talks about it.

There are even programs/methods how to ‘Let Go’.

In spite of that, people stay unenlightened and these programs/methods are focusing especially on the mental work – and the effects stay therefore also in the mental second body.

The three layers are: physical body (1), mental body (2) & consciousness body (3)

Of course, the (brilliant) mental work makes the way free for the deeper chakra-consciousness-work (de-ego-identification). I should recommend the work of Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. (Consciousness Levels) for that. 

The whole principle is: you can only let go on a healthy and not a supressed way (try to not think about it) if you opened and hold your seven centers in your body (the knack). Your worrying thoughts, fears and anxieties will disappear in the warm ocean and your past will be forgiven and healed.

So here is the spiritual paradox: you have to hold (vastness) first to Let Go - first Vastness, then Let Go!

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Stay Earthly Grounded in Your Enlightened 7 Centers!


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