#266 - What is to Be Social? And is there a difference between in or outside the matrix of society? (English)

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In all your youth and maybe also in your current life systems and constructs the main idea about ‘what is to Be Social’ is that of – in my opinion – social dominance, as an outcome of the ego-society we are still living in.

At this manner, the paradigm ‘what is to Be Social’ is influenced/decided by the perception of the majority of people and – sorry to say – the most people are mediocre in there social behavior skills and social intelligence level. 

So, these people (the average norm) will decide what is social?

Maybe you remember from your past or your current situations:

  • The guy or girl at the high school with the biggest mouth were seen as social by the group, because he/she talked so much (without saying something interesting by the way) and a lot of people listened to him/her (from fear patterns)
  • Or that shining showing-off man/woman at the office who talks to everybody and tells all his/her ‘interesting’ stories in the after drinks pontifical in front of all his/her listening colleagues

In small social circles within the society a social person who act at a social dominance way – to fulfill his/her own attention seeking/grabbing desires – are mostly seen as so called social.

If you grow out of the matrix of society and learn the real social skills with Social DayLove and thereby the meetings with ‘strangers’, ego-intentions will drop and ultimately collapse.

A) The meetings are mostly one-to-one: therefore groupinfluencial ego-aspects are not there anymore

B) Your listening skills will be much more evolved, because you really want to understand the other person in a one-to-one situation and give him/her fully attention

C) Compassion in the talks are very important and the showing-off mentality does not exist anymore, because they have a negative result in the bonding process between the two persons

In my years and years of social experience – the most social persons are the ‘easy-to-touch’ persons & the real listeners: they have the most empathy – an under-appreciated aspect of ‘what is to Be Social’ within the matrix of society – if you look at spiritual values.


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