#305 - Age Rejections in Dating: What to do? (English)

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Everyone becomes older during the days & years and in the dating-market it mostly means despite of all: a declining of your ‘value’. The nature is hard and insecurity-problems & feelings of low self-esteem are able to kick-in. A spiritual downfall in your mental well-being could be the result.

Let us get first back to the principles of the matrix

In the matrix numbers, positions, hierarchy, money, school & work-systems (classes, promotions) are very important: we think in ‘rational’ numbers and countable objects. This means that our Western mind is shaped rationally and in ‘numbers-thinking’. If I have intimacy with women from non-Western backgrounds, aging seems less important than from people of Western orientated grounds: closer to nature (feelings), less important aging I should say. Other factors seem more important: the inner being & vibe.

My vision is: how to get her (or him) out of the matrix (so that the real important things matters)?


I met a woman on the street around my corner were I shared three hours later intimacy with. The interesting part: she continues were asking my age (she was 25) and I answer normally my real age (35) – with the risk of being rejected (she is back/awake in the matrix-‘father’-mind).

This time I said: ‘I am 25 ;)’. In these 3 hours she asked me several times: ‘I don’t believe you, tell me your real age’. I held my frame very strong with – ‘no 25 with a smile’ – and changing the subject constantly (subject-shifting) (too stay out of the anti-lovable matrix).

Her last test: ‘Tell me your real age, otherwise I am not going to your home’

Me: ‘Just 25, what a beautiful evening isn’t it!’

She gave up ultimately and she was coming with me


More and more I have the feeling that my early nice honest answering to her age-questions was a ‘trap’ in her test (frame) of being rejected to easily (they ask it mostly in the first 2 minutes of the conversation already) and if you are able to hold – as a man – your frame strongly (come on, she can see that I am not 25 right?), there is a chance to breakthrough her age-matrix-test.

So, the best thing to deal with age rejections is to lie with a big smile (social calibrated and not ‘old enough’ (too masculine serious) or semi-funny (not sexual) ‘old enough to buy alcohol for you’) and use the subject-shifting. At this way you show male persistence (holding frame), intent (you want her so much that you are able to lie about it) and giving her subtle hints that this is a non-issue (leadership skills + inner being).

I met in the early days a woman and she lied to me (her age was actually 38 and not 24), because she was afraid that I could rejecting her by her mentioned age (I don’t care, I am out of the matrix – I was just interested).

I had intimacy when I was 29 with a woman of 44 and one of my ‘friends’ said that time: ‘she is so old’ (if it was so easy). I don’t care, because I live outside the matrix-opinions (the intimacy was amazing + bringing her energy to the next one).


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