#262 - Approach-Anxiety within the Matrix of Society: where it comes from and how to breakthrough it! (English)

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In the ancient centuries we were living in small group dynamics, whereby hierarchy, social & sexual control-mechanisms & accidental fear-patterns influenced our minds & behaviour patterns. The evolutionary risk if you slightly ‘approached’ a woman in this circle (indirect) and failed was enormous. A rejection of one woman would have the consequence that – not only she was not interested (biological) anymore in you –, but also her female relatives: which woman had the power to step out of the social norm to date a guy who is rejected by another woman/women for several times? The value as a man declines by every rejection that other women can see or has heard.

The risk of an approach will be even higher in group-hierarchy dynamics if other men will see this dynamic(s) too, because it will lower your status in the (male)group. Of course, if you not step out of the matrix of society and not going into Social DayLove (DayGame) as a (single) man – you probably will stay in this old dynamics with these accessory fear-patterns.

At this moment, you know the theoretical deep-rooted analyze and layers about approach-anxiety. In the new world of Social Daylove (DayGame) you will be able – with my coaching – to meet nearly on every corner on the street a woman: so no reason to be scared of fearful anymore.

In the matrix of society you will not be (social) teached to give a compliment away to a ‘stranger’ and to know the social calibration levels in general. You are programmed only – with experience – the small group dynamics work/attitude. So outside the matrix you will be still anti-social – even if you think you are social in the small circles.

I will teach you first the compliments & askings the ways to become more social and verbal & energetically warm and remove at this way the mental blockades for approach anxiety. Later we add the emotional touch with seducing mechanisms to know the woman further on an evolutionary scale. These practical influences – next to the skip of the theoretical base for approach anxiety – will decline your fear for approaching women drastically.

If your approach-anxiety – in every social pressure setting (train, gym, Starbucks worker, waitresses’ hotels, women in restaurants, etc.) – is (nearly) zero (by a lot of exercising), you will create an enormous abundance in your dating life and opportunities to find and select the high value woman or women of your dreams.

In my advanced dating life another considerations will be kicking in after the removal of the approach-anxiety:

1. What is the chance of follow-up in a high pressure situation? Is she worth it? Am I losing energy there? That I will not be able to invest in another meeting/set?

2. Is the high pressure situation acceptable for her to give her number (direct) away (social convenient/situational/chance again) or should I wait (if she is away of this pressure)? How is her mood? How is my mood?

3. Is she alone or with a group (the chance of follow-up is drastically lower in a group-approach (she is still in the matrix))? Is my energy it worth or I should hold my value?

So if your approach-anxiety is completely away, other mechanisms will be at work: the ‘grow-job’ is never done outside the matrix of society!


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