#264 - Psychology & Dating: Removing the Mental Blockades for More Intimacy in your Life! - Psychological Dating Coach for Men (English)

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It’s a very underestimated topic in the Dating Branch: Psychology & Dating and Become so more Successful with Women

The Three Types of Guys

The most guys – the first type – are ‘under-natural’ if they decided to go into the world of improving themselves with women (pick-up), because the evolutionary urges will play a role at a certain moment.

The second type – ‘naturals’ – will probably not come into the world of dating coaches, because they have probably 1 or 2 ‘average’ woman/women in their life and find it all good – so no urges here.

The third type of guys - are the guys who are ‘above-natural’ from the scratch and want to grow as a deep inner desire of spirituality or self-development to the absolutely top.

In all the cases – I think – the people and their souls – wants deeply to improve themselves: the only blockades – themselves, society-pressures and laziness (I am good as I am and it’s all fine-mentality)

If we go deeper: only a few in this world are going into their own mental believe systems, traumatic negative pasts events and destructive behavior patterns – mirrored by a coach – in their relationship with the externally dating skills: verbally, physically, theoretically, practically, etcetera.

The Most Common Mental Intimacy Blockades for Men

Approaching Women Regularly: How? When? Where? How would the direct and indirect environment react to it (parents & (old) friends)?

Kissing: How? When? Where? But, if I am not good enough – will she blockade sexual intimacy afterwards? Will she dump me?

Sexual Intimacy & Pre-Touchings: When is the right moment for it? How I take action towards it? And how I bring the situation from Kissing, Pre-Touchings to Sexual Intimacy? What is the right way? Is it not too early for intimacy? I have nearly zero experiences: how I feel still confident by the first opportunities? And she will not noticing (the fear of rejection)?

Texting Women: What should I text her? It’s stimulating? She didn’t react anymore? She dumbs me now?

Negative Past Events/Traumatic Experiences: I am not worth it? I was rejected all the time in my youth, what now? I feel myself insecure in the intercourse with women, what should I do?

Verbally Blocked: I was bullied all the time in my youth, so I have no power in my voice to talk freely towards women – my voice is blocked: difficulties to opening-up

Physical Blocked: I am regularly in the freeze-state and my body is blocked and I cannot move from scariness, what should I do?

We are able to talk & work together about these blockades with your private spiritual dating coach GuidoFox!

Some Extra Mental Traps where you can Fall-In:

All Related to The Ego

A) If you have some success with women – you will overblow yourself and share it at a too showing-off way to your close friends: universe will hit you back!

B) If you have some success with women – you want constantly more (too greedy/craving): universe will hit you back!

C) If you have some success with women – you will be very disappointed if things are not continue as you want it (angry): universe will hit you back!

D) If you have some success with women – constant self-quilt would be able to kick in if you made a mistake/mistakes – let go, but stay striving: universe will hit you back!


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